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What Is the NWCS Summer Program?

After a student graduates from high school, they frequently have a few months to await their next step, going to college. The summer before college can be a very fun and free time for young adults. However, it can also be the ideal time to prepare for what is coming next. The NWCS Summer Program helps students with just this, preparation for taking the plunge into college. By spending nine weeks in Coeur d'Alene, ID, students have the opportunity to learn and practice skills that will support them in college. However, they are not left to their own devices. Northwest College Support (NWCS) staff provides the necessary structure and support to help them thrive in the program and after.

NWCS Summer Program

The NWCS Summer Program is a nine-week-long program designed for students who are going to be freshmen in college the following fall. It was designed with students who are about to transition into college in mind to build and practice the skills necessary to be successful as they enter college. The goal of the NWCS Summer Program is to relieve some of the stress from going away to college, as such a huge change often makes a rough transition.


Taking college courses is very different from high school classes. As a result, it is difficult for many students to learn how to be successful. However, students who attend the NWCS Summer Program have the opportunity to take up to four college credits. These credits can be transferred and used as elective credits. Additionally, they can be put towards an associate's degree (AA) at North Idaho College.

With support and structure from the NWCS Summer Program, students can practice being in college classrooms. It is natural for students to struggle at first. This program offers an opportunity to learn what it is like. As they will take fewer courses than they are likely to take at college, it acts as a practice run at being a college freshman.


When moving away from home and going to college, students are faced with many challenges. The transition is often like falling into a pool and not knowing if you quite know how to swim. Life, social, and emotional skills all play a role in a student's success. Research shows that individuals with better life skills do better in college. Additionally, students with more emotional intelligence are also more likely to succeed as college students.

However, for many incoming freshman students, these skills are underdeveloped. Throughout the nine weeks of the NWCS Summer Program, students will receive daily coaching. The focus is to learn skills like life skills, emotional intelligence, and more. These, in turn, help them to make a smooth transition into college and give them the confidence that they can be successful.


Going away to college or NWCS Summer Program, however, is not all serious. It is also fun! Coeur d'Alene, ID is a unique and beautiful place to spend nine weeks. There is plenty of hiking, swimming, and summer fun to be had. Adventures are an important part of this program, allowing students to socialize and enjoy themselves.

These adventures help students to connect with other students while exploring a new place. For many students, this might be one of the first times they are traveling alone as young adults. Therefore, they are learning what it feels like to travel and live independently. However, they will also have continued structure and support from the program. This allows them to work through challenges or fears, gaining skills that leave them feeling confident about taking the next steps of going to college.

NWCS Summer Program: Helping Young Adults Across the Country

Many students already have their path laid out after high school. While this is very positive, they might also benefit from learning and practicing the necessary skills before they take these steps. This is where NWCS Summer Program comes in. As a short program, it offers the opportunity for students to get college credits while practicing going to school.

NWCS Summer Program is ideal for students from across the country looking for the opportunity to learn and practice skills. For students who might struggle in college due to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or difficulties with executive functioning, this program is ideal. It helps provide support and structure while learning skills that allow individuals to smoothly transition into life at college.

Additionally, some students decide to stay on with the distance program. Therefore, if students decide they need more support in their first year, they are already connected with NWCS and its staff. While going away to college is common, it is not easy. NWCS Summer Program helps make the transition smooth and helps build confidence in taking the plunge into college.

Many young adults struggle to be prepared for college. However, the summer before going to college is an ideal opportunity for them to practice and learn skills that will help them thrive. The NWCS Summer Program is a program created for incoming college freshmen. It provides the opportunity to practice taking college classes, learn new skills, and adventure in the beautiful Coeur d'Alene, ID. For students who need extra support or who are likely to struggle with the drastic changes from high school to college, this program is a great opportunity. At Northwest College Support, we believe that every student can learn and grow to thrive in college. To learn more, call (877) 485-2776 today.

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