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Life Skills

Healthy Living

Life skill development is an important part of the transition to adulthood. We have honest discussions with young adults about the areas of life skills that are strong points, and also the areas which need to be improved. Our life skills coaching ranges from hygiene, sleep habits, nutrition, cooking, clean environments, different types of exercise and fitness plans, health practices, social skills, financial literacy, and more.

Areas of focus:

Roommate Etiquette

Personal hygiene

Organization of belongings

Keeping a clean living space




Time Management

Schedule Keeping

Interview Skills

Study Skills

Resume and cover letter writing

Weekly, NWCS provides student life activities, both social and health education based. These activities provide students with a chance to build social bonds, have interactions with their peers, and the opportunity to stay active and engaged. Group actives include:

Relationship Development

Health and Nutrition

Group Therapy / Processing

Physical Activities (hikes, boating, etc)

Cooking group meals

Life Skill Development


Vocational Preparation

Game nights

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