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The Value of 24-Hour Support in NWCS's ReSet House

When students graduate from high school and move off to college, they are thrown into living in a completely different environment. They go from living with parents who guide, support, and protect them to an environment where they are living independently. This is very difficult for many students, and they may not be ready for that step. However, Northwest College Support offers housing in the ReSet House, where students can have 24-hour support and supervision. This is ideal for students who need time to adjust and can help those who need more support to eventually get to the point where they are ready to live independently.

NWCS ReSet House

Housing options at Northwest College Support include the ReSet House. Students stay in a two-person dorm-style apartment where they have their own rooms but share a living space. This environment is very similar to those found on college campuses. As a result of the shared space, students get to experience what it is like to live with others beyond their family members. However, having their own room gives them a place to retreat when needed.

In the ReSet House, students have 24-hour support available from the staff of Northwest College Support. This level of support proves structure, care, and supervision to students. It is a very similar level of support that students often have at home, which makes the transition to the ReSet House very comfortable and familiar for students.

Who Is the ReSet House Helpful For?

For many students, the transition to independent living is difficult. This can be for a variety of reasons. Students who struggle with their mental health, of which there are many, may find it difficult to live on their own. This can be due to the environment increasing mental health symptoms. However, it can also be related to the lack of support. This is because it is very different from the support that the same student received at home. Additionally, those struggling with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or who have sensory processing issues, may find the environment itself difficult as they have little to no control over noise and other aspects of their environment.

Being thrown into a dorm-like situation without supervision can be stressful and negative for many students. The ReSet House is very helpful for those who need an in-between option. It gives students a chance to learn how to manage these different stressors they will experience while living independently.

Additionally, it provides structure and support to learn how to live with others. This is a very important skill to have. While some individuals will live alone long term, the communication and social skills learned in this environment will help students to make new friends, get along with coworkers, and build healthy long-term relationships in their lives. Therefore, it is a good fit for students who need to learn or improve these skills.

Importance of 24-Hour Support

The ReSet House includes 24-hour support for students living there. This is very valuable for students who are not ready to live independently because it essentially offers the same level of care as living at home. However, it is provided by support staff that helps to teach skills at the moment and manage the stress of living independently.

Skills in the Moment

When a student is learning to live independently, they will run into many issues. Parents and others can help them to prepare for these moments. However, it is often most helpful to learn how to incorporate these skills at the moment when the problem is occurring. This style of ongoing support can help a student to truly learn the skills. Eventually, they will be able to use these skills without consistent support.

Learning a skill at the moment they are struggling may come from a student who is struggling and reached out for help. However, it may also be a result of supervision. At The ReSet House, 24-hour support can act as supervision for students who are struggling to make decisions that are healthy for them.

Managing Stress

Many parents and students feel a significant amount of stress regarding the transition to adulthood. This is understandable, as it is a big change for both parties. The ReSet House at Northwest College Support helps to mitigate this support.

By offering 24-hour care for students, parents can feel like their student is being supported around the clock. They know that their student has a support staff that will help them as they need. However, parents can also be sure that their student has supervision and therefore is protected and kept safe.

Additionally, 24-hour support can help students to feel less stressed about the transition. It can help students who do not feel ready to live independently but are ready to take a smaller step in that direction.

When students go away to college, they are thrown into living independently. However, many students are not ready for that step. The ReSet House at Northwest College support offers a unique combination of a support system while living more independently. This is particularly helpful for students who are likely to run into challenges of living independently and need the support, structure, and time to learn new skills and adjust. It can act as a stepping stone to eventually living as an independent adult. If you are interested in learning more about Northwest College Support's programs or The ReSet House, call (877) 485-2776 today to speak with a staff member about how we can help your student thrive.

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