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Distance Program

Maximum Flexibility

College students around the country are taking more online courses. Students with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, executive functioning deficits, or specific learning differences might find taking online courses to be especially difficult. We offer a Distance Program for students needing support, but who cannot leave home. The Distance Program strives to provide the same level of excellent support our in-person program offers, but adapted in an online format delivery.

Distance Program students receive regular video conference calls from our Educational Coaches who are trained in helping students organize, prioritize, create goals, find resources, and develop self-advocacy. Importantly, our Educational Coaches provide a level of non-judgmental accountability and structure for students who may struggle with self-directed learning.

The Distance Program can also provide therapeutic and family support as needed. Additionally, group activities such as social watch parties, live-streaming mediation and mindfulness groups, and online group study sessions are regularly available to Distance Program students.

Monthly Options:

All Distance Program options include as-needed therapeutic and family support, as well as access to all online group offerings. Number of education coaching sessions varies by option. Distance Program offers rolling admission, and is billed on a monthly basis.

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