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Supporting Students With Frequent Support in High School in Their Transition to College

There are many reasons why your student may have needed frequent support in high school. The type of support that they needed will be unique to them. As a parent, you want your student to be successful in college and beyond. However, you might wonder how they can when they have needed help and support throughout their life so far. Fortunately, support in high school does not necessarily mean your student cannot develop the skills to be successful in their transition to college. Attending a Summer Program at Northwest College Support can be a great way for your student to test drive college while gaining skills and confidence that can help them thrive!

Frequent Support in High School

If your student needed a lot of support while they were in high school, they are not alone. Overall, high schoolers are in a period of development and need support in many ways. This includes managing their mental health, learning to problem solve, and keeping up with their activities and school work. The high school environment tends to be more supportive, and it is normal to wonder how your student will do as they transition to college, where the environment provides significantly less support.

Supporting the Transition to College

There are many ways that your student can get support as they transition to college. However, the type of support will look significantly different. In high school, support often comes in a form that helps them to get through classes and pass tests.

While they transition to college, your student needs to build confidence and skills that help them to ultimately care for their needs in a new environment. Skills like emotional regulation, self-management, and more are both integral and challenging to learn. However, with support, your student can successfully make the shift to college by building both skills and confidence.

Building Skills

Many skills are important for your student to be successful in college. If your student needed a lot of support in high school, it is natural to wonder if they will be able to build the necessary skills to do well. However, wherever your student is starting, they can learn and grow. While the skills they can and are ready to learn will be unique to them, over time they can build on this foundation by continuing to learn and grow.

Skill building takes time. The summer program at Northwest College Support offers a unique combination of support. Through therapeutic and life skills, your student can learn and improve skills like emotional regulation, scheduling, and more. Additionally, as a part of the program, your student gets to practice what it is like to live more independently. This helps them to have both support and freedom to explore and truly learn new skills.

Improving Confidence

The transition to college is hard for many students. Both you and your student might feel doubt that they can be successful in this new environment. To put it simply, you may both lack confidence in how the transition will go. This lack of confidence makes sense. How will you and your student know until they have tried it?

However, having confidence is important for college success. Research shows that good self-efficacy improves academic success. If your student has good self-efficacy, it means that they feel sure of their abilities. An example in college would be your student feeling confident that they can do things like pass a test, get a degree, or even complete their homework on time.

While there are many skills involved in college success, confidence is also a must for your student. Therefore, to support them in the transition, you can help them to build confidence. Additionally, this will help you to practice allowing them to grow and see for yourself that they can make the transition smoothly.

Importance of Supporting the Transition to College

When your student graduates from high school and moves toward college, they will be taking the first steps of their life as young adults. While the summer program and college offer some level of support, your student will be living more independently than they have before. As a result, this is a very big time of change in their life.

This time period is specifically important because it is when your student builds a solid foundation that can help them to be successful in college. However, the skills they build during this time will carry forward and can help them ultimately live independently.

During this time of transition, your support is vital. As a parent, you know your student well. This means that you can offer them a type of support that others cannot. Additionally, you can collaborate with others to provide a structure of support that truly helps your student. There is not a one size fits all type of support. However, as a parent, you know your student well and can help provide the type of support they need.

When students have a lot of support in high school, they will likely lack the confidence and skills necessary to live as an adult. Attending the Summer Program at Northwest College Support can help your student to feel confident and have the skills to make this transition easier. At Northwest College Support, we understand that your student is unique and, as a result, needs unique care. All of our programs take your student's specific needs into account, ensuring that your student feels like they have what they need to be successful. To learn more about our summer program in Coeur D'Alene, ID and how it can help your student, call us today at (877) 485-2776.

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