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Practicing Going Away to College at the NWCS Summer Program

For young adults, going away to college can be a daunting and overwhelming step forward. As a parent, you might not know how to prepare them for taking this step. If you are concerned about your student's transition to college, the NWCS Summer Program might be the perfect fit. It can allow your student to practice going away to college before they do the real thing. However, unlike going to college, the NWCS Summer Program provides support for your student if and when they need it. While going to college is a big step, your student can get used to what it will feel like and make the transition easier.

NWCS Summer Program

The summer program at Northwest College Support is a nine-week program that includes four college credits and an internship. Additionally, therapeutic support, life skills coaching, and spending time with a community of peers are also important parts of the program. The program is based in Coeur d'Alene, ID. It is built for young adults, like your student, who will be going into their freshman year in the fall after the program.

Practicing Going Away to College With the NWCS Summer Program

The jump from high school to going away to college can feel very abrupt, and it is okay if you are worried about how your student will adjust. College requires a significant amount of executive functioning skills, including scheduling, emotional management, and more. These skills help them to live more independently and do things like get to class, finish their homework, and think ahead overall.

Additionally, difficulties with mental health can make college a challenge. Research shows that college students with mental health disorders tend towards having lower GPAs. If your student struggles with their mental health, learning life skills and therapeutic interventions will help them to be more successful.

Fortunately, the summer program at Northwest College Support is the perfect way for your student to practice. By taking college courses, learning life skills, and creating a community, your student can get a feel for what it will be like going to college, while also having a support structure available to them.

College Courses

Compared to high school, college classes are often very different. In high school, your student had a very supportive and structured environment. High school teachers often bend over backward to try to help students get their work done. Additionally, projects are often very structured to help students make sure they are ready to take the next step. For example, if a paper is due in a month, many high school teachers will require an outline a couple of weeks before the paper is due.

However, in college, this level of structure and support is not there. Most college courses expect students to organize themselves. This means your student will need to know when assignments are due and make sure they complete them. While college professors care about your student's success, the style of class is generally less structured, and your student is responsible for themselves.

Taking college courses at the NWCS Summer Program can help your student get used to this style of classes. However, unlike at college, your student will have support. They can learn the skills that will help them to be successful in these summer classes. Therefore, their skills will be honed when they head off to college on their own.

Life Skills

School is not the only thing that is different in college. When your student goes off to school, they will live more independently than at home. This will include the need to use many life skills such as doing laundry, managing their schedule, and more.

As a parent, you have tried to prepare your student for life. However, there is nothing like actually practicing life skills. At the NWCS Summer Program, your student can get coaching to improve the life skills they need the most help on. However, they also get the opportunity to get some hands-on practice. This can make a world of difference for your student.

Creating Community

In high school, your student likely had a group of friends and a well-established community. However, when they go to college, they will need to create a new community and build new friendships. To do this, they will need great social skills and feel confident talking with new peers.

NWCS Summer Program offers community outings and adventures. Through these adventures, your student can practice what it will be like at college. They will get to explore Coeur D'Alene, ID, with both peers and a support system. Additionally, through therapy provided by the program, your student can discuss what challenges they have with building a new community. Therefore, they can both learn new social skills and practice them as a way to be better prepared to go away to college and build a new community.

For young adults all over the US, going away to college can feel like an overwhelming step. However, the NWCS Summer Program can be a way for them to practice going away while having support. Northwest College Support understands that the transition to college and adulthood has many difficulties, especially for students struggling with mental health and executive functioning. However, we also believe that every student can learn skills that make the transition easier. The Summer Program offers a unique blend of skills, practice, and experience that can give your student confidence as they take the plunge and go off to college. To learn more, call us today at (877) 485-2776.

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