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Three Rules That Can Help You Succeed at College

Going to college is a big step. It is the first time that you are living independently as an adult. While there is a lot of freedom that comes with it, there is also responsibility. Your success in college depends on your ability to manage your time, keep yourself safe, and stay sober. These three rules are important for you to succeed at college. However, you may also need extra support to make adjustments and learn how to live successfully as an adult. Remember, getting extra help now is very positive and can set you up to thrive in college and as an adult.

Rule One to Succeed at College: Stay Safe

When you go away to college, you are in charge of your safety for the first time. You might feel tempted to do certain activities that you have, up until now, not been allowed to do. This might include going to riskier places, going out late at night, and spending time with individuals who tend towards high-risk activities. However, as a young adult, you must learn to care for your safety

Staying safe is the number one rule for success in college for multiple reasons. When you are safe and feel comfortable, you are most capable of learning new things and thriving academically. Additionally, your physical and emotional safety will help you to have a clear head. This helps you to plan for your future, make informed choices, and connect with your peers.

Rule Two to Succeed at College: Stay Sober

Substance use is very common on college campuses. According to research that followed college students from their freshman year to junior year, nearly half of the almost 1,000 students struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD) at some point during the study. It is believed that many factors contribute to the high use of substances in college. First, it is normalized; you have likely heard many stories about parties or binge drinking.

However, regardless of it being considered normal, it can greatly affect your success in college. By staying sober, you can help yourself to be more successful, not only in college but also into adulthood. Students who use substances are more likely to have a lower GPA, skip more classes, and are less likely to graduate or be employed after graduation.

The impact on success in college is a result of several reasons. First, by staying sober you will be more clear-headed and prepared. This might look like showing up to class, studying more when needed, or being ready for a test. Secondly, staying sober helps you to keep your focus on school. While socializing and enjoying yourself are important in college, your academics need to be a priority to be successful.

Rule Three to Succeed at College: Stay on Schedule

In college, you are expected to plan and maintain your schedule, and you are setting yourself up for success by staying on a schedule. If you struggle with maintaining your schedule, you are not alone. It is a skill set that takes time to learn. However, you can improve and practice over time and, as you do, you will be building a skill you will use far into adulthood.

Keeping up with your classes requires doing homework, writing papers, and being prepared for tests. While this seems simple, you need to keep up with your workload to succeed at college. When living with your parents, they likely helped you to manage all of the moving parts. However, in college, this responsibility is on you.

The first step is to create a schedule that includes your priorities. This might look like prioritizing a certain class that you have a test in. Once you have your schedule for your week worked out, the next step is to complete the tasks that you assigned yourself. It can help to create reminders on your phone or write them out in a planner where you can physically check off boxes once the tasks are complete. While it can be difficult to maintain your schedule, the result is that you thrive as a college student.

Getting the Support You Need

Going to college and transitioning into adulthood is a big step. If you feel overwhelmed by the process, it is ok. It can be difficult to take these steps without feeling like you have the support or structure that you need. Fortunately, there are many resources available to you.

Getting support and reaching out for help is hard, but when you do, you might find that you can take these steps with ease. Support looks different for each student. While some may do well leaning on loved ones or family, others might do better working with an educational or life coach. Regardless of the type of support, you can get help to make your transition into college and adulthood smooth.

Taking the step and going away to college is exhilarating. There is more freedom, but there is also more responsibility. To be successful in college, you need to care for your safety, stay sober, and manage your schedule. At Northwest College Support, these three rules are the cornerstone of our program. We believe that when you keep yourself safe, sober, and on schedule, you can be successful no matter what path you choose in college. Our programs help young adults smoothly transition into adulthood. For many, this means attending college. However, we also support those looking for alternative paths. To learn more about our programs, call (877) 485-2776 today and speak with a staff member.

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