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Initiate Northwest: Finding Support Over 23

Living life as an adult can be difficult. It requires learning to care for yourself in all aspects of your life. Finding support as a young adult helps you to build skills and relationships that you will use throughout your life. Initiate Northwest is a program designed to provide structure and support. It can help you learn to live successfully as an adult, allowing you to learn skills while living independently, and getting the support you need without giving up your freedom.

Initiate Northwest

Building skills as a young adult is very important. However, each individual will have their own needs and goals. Initiate Northwest is a program that is designed to be individualized. Instead of being focused on group living, attention is placed on the needs of each person. Areas of focus will therefore vary from finding and keeping a job to self-care practices.

The care team at Initiate Northwest first works with clients and their families to understand what type of support is needed. This includes figuring out what kind of support needs to be in place initially for a client to be successful and comfortable. All clients have access to 24-hour support, daily mentor support, and a fully finished personal apartment. However, beyond these aspects, the programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

The goal is to provide the support that is needed while allowing clients to learn how to live independently as adults. Therefore, it is a good fit for those who want independence but struggle to build structure and accountability for themselves. Initiate Northwest is also a good fit for those of you who do not feel like the traditional path of college is for you. This program will help you build skills to live as an independent adult to the best of your ability while providing you with the support that will help you choose a path that is a good fit for you.

Benefits of Initiate Northwest

There are many benefits of Initiate Northwest. As a highly individualized program, it can provide the support and coaching you need, while helping you choose a path and build life skills that will set you up for success later in your life.

Individualized Support While Living Alone

Many programs for young adults rely on group living. However, Initiate Northwest allows clients to keep their autonomy while getting individualized support. Meaning that each specific program is set up to address the needs of each client. It also helps them meet their goals, including goals that may be directed towards careers or their personal lives.

Individualized support helps clients to meet their goals, both in their professional and personal lives. Researchers have found that individualized coaching helps people to meet their goals. It provides individuals with support and continual learning along a path that is directed at their goals. Initiate Northwest does this exactly, beginning with an initial assessment of a client's needs, followed by the care team making adjustments as clients' needs change.

Choosing a Path

If you don't feel like college is the right path for you, it can be overwhelming to try to find another direction. Getting support that can help you to brainstorm and create a structure where you can try new things can help. Initiate Northwest provides tools for individuals to experiment and explore their interests in a safe and structured way. By working with a mentor and other members of a care team, clients can choose a path that fit them. For those of you who feel overwhelmed in choosing a direction, this program is a good fit for you.

Building Life Skills

Life skills vary widely but include things like stress management, financial management, and self-care. While each of you will need support in learning different life skills, Initiate Northwest is the program that can help you learn them. By working with a care team, clients in Initiate Northwest can learn what life skills are and then practice them independently while having resources to ask questions and help them problem-solve. For those of you who either lack knowledge or structure for life skills, this program is a good fit.

Building life skills while living independently is ideal. By living alone, clients in Initiate Northwest will have the space and freedom to practice life skills while also being held accountable to a care team. Clients feel empowered through building life skills and research has shown that building life skills improve self-esteem and overall mental health.

Life Long Benefits of Initiate Northwest

As a young adult, you begin to live on your own. While your level of independence will differ from others, the habits and norms you initiate early in your life will follow you throughout your adult life. Initiate Northwest can help you to build skills that will help you beyond young adulthood. By learning how to care for your needs and live independently, you can improve your mental and physical health. While your needs will vary throughout your life, the foundational skills in Initiate Northwest will help you succeed no matter what path you chose.

Learning to live independently is often difficult. It takes life skills, emotional development, and career goals. Initiate Northwest is a program we offer at Northwest College Support. It is created for young adults who need support and structure as they learn to live independently. We help young adults live to the level of independence they are able to while working with a care team. The skills learned in Initiate Norwest will carry over into clients' lives, building a foundation for independent adults who can reach their goals. If you are interested in Initiate Northwest or have questions about any of our programs, call us today at (877) 485-2776 to speak with a staff member.

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