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Initiate Northwest

Designed for 25 years and older

Initiate Northwest is a fully independent living program. This program is fully customized and shaped to fit the clients who we work with. The Initiate program is not designed to be a transitional program but designed to be the next step. It is the point where the next phase of adulthood is initiated. This program is carefully designed for the needs of adults, we focus on autonomy and independence.

This program is not designed around a group living experience but instead is focused around the individual. The program provides coaching, mentorship, and life skills. The focus is to provide a level of support that is necessary for an individual to succeed. Initiate Northwest is dedicated to creating plans that allow our clients to set off on an individual path.

We can work with our clients to help them build skills, attain jobs, manage workload, and improve overall adult capabilities.

It’s essential for everyone to remember that there are many paths to success in life. College isn’t for everyone, and living life the way that everyone tells us, isn’t always best. Our team sets a goal to meet our clients where they are at and move them forward to their highest level of independence. Our team is prepared to support those individuals who are wanting a different path besides college, we are here to create a long term structure and network for success.

Initiate Northwest sets up support systems for adults, primarily for adults ages 25 and older. Our team then works with each individual adult to determine what services need to be in place. Our team provides all students with 24-hour on call staff, daily mentor support, and a fully finished individual apartment. From there, our plans are as unique as the individuals we serve, we look at each person, talk to them and their family and help them start their life as an adult.

We focus on autonomy and respect for the adults that we work with. We think that when people are given trust and opportunity the tend to perform and are able to take next steps as adults. Many “young adult” programs aren’t designed with the level of autonomy that Initiate Northwest provides, and more structured options do exist. However, we think that independent choices lead to adult success.

Who should attend Initiate Northwest?

  • Adults who need a support team and an indpendent living environment.

  • It is a good fit for individuals who are over the age of 25 and are not necessarily focused on the traditional college path.

  • It is a good fit for people who may struggle with structuring their own lives and setting their own path without accountability.

  • It’s a good fit for individuals who would prefer not to join a group living experience, but instead would prefer a higher level of independence and individual experience.

If you have more questions about who would be a good fit please contact us for more information.

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