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Initiate Northwest College to Help You Build a Brighter Future

At Northwest College Support, we're proud to provide various options to our students, including Initiate Northwest. We understand that everybody has a diverse educational experience, so we're here to provide support that works on an individual level. Our program offers options that empower our students to do well in school and achieve their academic goals.

Northwest College Support believes in a comprehensive approach to managing problems students' problems in school and life. While we mainly focus on college, we also understand that mental health and other factors influence school performance. Because of this, our team of professionals is trained in multiple areas. Students who come to us truly get the support they need to succeed, and we're proud to provide specialized programs like Initiate Northwest.

What Is Initiate Northwest?

Not everybody is the same age when they start their college career. We understand this. As a result, we provide a specialized option for those beyond the typical college years.

Initiate Northwest is our program that was designed for those that are 25 and older and going to college. This program provides specialized help for those ready to tackle the challenges that college brings while working with a team of professionals. Initiate Northwest allows clients to examine all areas of their life, as it is an independent living program. Individuals participating in this program have access to coaching, mentorship, and opportunities to build their skills and strengths.

Initiate Northwest allows students to find a balance between being independent and still receiving structure from the program. Providing accountability is a large part of this program, as our team of professionals strives to guide students and empower them.

Who Is Initiate Northwest For?

Initiate Northwest was designed for older adults seeking college education support. Others who may benefit from our Initiate Northwest program include:

  • Those not focused on the traditional college path

  • Adults who need support combined with an independent living situation

  • Individuals who struggle with structure and need extra accountability

  • Those looking for a higher level of independence while attending college

Older Adults and College

It's easy to feel stuck if you didn't start college when you originally wanted to. Many things in life can complicate college, and some people should wait before committing to higher education.

If you want to begin college but don't know where to start, Northwest College Support can help. It's easy to become overwhelmed at the prospect of returning to school. We are here to provide you with the support you need and help you get the things you need to be accomplished. Our coaching allows clients to confront the unique challenges that they're having and work with a professional to find practical solutions.

Entering college as an older young adult comes with its own set of questions. The transition at this age differs from those who begin college fresh out of high school. Our program was designed with this in mind so that our students can access an approach made specifically for them.

We work with each of our students within the Initiate Northwest program to help them find ways to achieve their goals. Many people who begin college later in life have questions about the right living situation. Our independent living solutions are a great option for those that want community but still want to focus on themselves. Because students aren't worrying about their living arrangements, they can focus on academic success.

Common Struggles for Older Adults in College

Many people struggle with things such as procrastination and communication during college. If you've found yourself dealing with problems such as these in school, our team of professionals is here to provide you with guidance. We know how to empower our students to achieve their goals and succeed in the college environment.

Initiate Northwest is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your skills and build healthy habits. If you're interested in working individually with a supportive staff team, this program can be a great way to address your concerns and develop practical solutions. Working with professionals specializing in college success is an excellent way to get peace of mind and ensure you're on the right track.

The Importance of Sound Mental Health in College

Our Initiate Northwest program places a major emphasis on the importance of mental health. If depression or anxiety has been getting in the way of your schooling, we're here to support you and help you figure out options. We recognize that mental health struggles are incredibly complex. As a result, we have members of our staff that specialize in this area.

You're not alone if you're worried about how going back to school will impact your mental health. So many people struggle when they're making the transition to school. Initiate Northwest is an excellent opportunity to address any struggles you may have and have the support of dedicated professionals as you work through them. Through a combination of counseling and coaching, we help students overcome mental health barriers and prevent difficulties in the future.

Initiate Northwest is the perfect program for those that are 25 and older and want to go back to college. Enrolling in college is a big one, but it's worth it. If you're unsure where to start or what changes you need to make to succeed, Northwest College Support is here to help. Our Initiate Northwest program is perfect for those looking to live independently while still receiving the support they need. We help our students create long-term structures and a network for college success. Northwest College Support's programs are highly individualized, meaning your plan for success will be based on your unique needs. To learn more about Initiate Northwest, call (877) 485-2776.

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