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Traci Hanks, MS

Marketing Director

I love the stage of life college students are in because it represents a time of so many possibilities. College is a time when young adults are discovering their passions, and it's both inspiring and an honor to be a witness to their discoveries. While I was a college student, I started coaching other college students who were on academic probation as part of an enrollment retention program through the university. I've also worked in special education and childcare settings for at-risk youth. I have a B.A. In Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Gonzaga University. I received my Masters in Science in Psychology with a certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from California Southern University. I am currently earning a certificate in Digital Marketing from University of Washington.

I specialize in program admissions, social media marketing, and professional relations.

Favorite Books:

Neurotribes, The Poisonwood Bible, Educated, Into the Wild, Heart of Darkness, Harry Potter series

Hobbies: local politics, being a foodie, college basketball, cross country skiing, travel 

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