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Si Steinberg, MD


Dr. Si Steinberg, affectionately called Dr. Si by his patients and staff, is a Double Board Certified Child Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. He has been working with individuals and families for over thirty years. His philosophy with regards to prescribing medications is that medicine is merely the lubricant to grease the wheels of the machinery of therapy and living fully. Rarely is medication the center or primary component of an individual's treatment. Dr. Si strives to be as minimalistic as possible with medication interventions and encourages the resolution of underlying causes and conditions prior to jumping to conclusions about diagnoses and medication treatment regimens. Dr. Si lives with his wife Kim and their two golden doodles, Sammy and Nala. They all like to travel, hike, bike, Nordic ski, canoe, and sail. Dr. Si is also a musician and plays many instruments by ear, though he trained on piano and oboe as a child.

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