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Lexi Alfonso

Student Life Staff

I love doing this work because I love working with young adults that are just discovering their path and may need a little help or guidance along the way. It brings together my passion of education and helping people and its the most rewarding work to see someone who may have been in their own way or have a road block make a step in a forward motion. I have a background in Education ranging from special ed, elementarty, career and technical ed and years of customer service and serving the community. When covid hit and I got laid off from the service industry/hospitality I decided I was ready to get back into education and was lucky enough to find the job posting for ED Coach at NWCS and fell in love with the job and the purpose behind the work the moment I walked into the office and talked with Jenell, Jamie and Shem. It was my career coming full circle and I am right where I am supposed to be. I am certified to teach yoga and believe that movement is how we process. When a student is stuck or cant concentrate I have them get out for a walk or do a yoga flow and it gets them out of their head. I love all aspects of education and always learning as much as possible. Really passionate about creative ways of learning or approaching a problem or teaching a student with special needs from a different way of thinking.

Favorite Books:

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, Wild by Cheryl Strayed & A Gentle Reminder By Bianca Sparacinoo


Yoga, Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding, Running, Paddle Boarding, Reading/Writing, Cooking, traveling and Adventuring and hanging with my pup.

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