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Jen Carter

Education Coach

My background is in Behavioral Intervention and Special Education. I am passionate about advocating for students and their unique, individual educational needs. I am committed to their progress and growth in all academic areas as well as their social/emotional needs and goals.  I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures growth in a positive, fun - yet real life environment.


I was raised in Colorado and earned my Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University. During my college years, I was a certified white-water kayak instructor and certified in swift water rescue.    


I am currently certified in MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behavior), BLS, AHA Health Saver & have training in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention).


Favorite Quote:

You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own... ~ D.M. Dellinger


Favorite Book: 

The Mountain Is You ~ by Brainna Wiest

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