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Dan Hanks, M.Ed, LPC, Ed.S

Program Founder & Owner

The moments in young adult transition are very powerful, they can make a substantial difference in the course of a young person's life. Getting that opportunity to be in those moments is an amazing opportunity.

I started out working in a chemical dependency residential treatment center as a part of my undergraduate internship. I loved the comprehensive work of a full wrap around program, getting to work in places that thought of the whole person was something I have enjoyed ever since.

I am an Educational Specialist - School Psychology, Certified School Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters of Education in Human Services and Counseling. My areas of expertise include testing, assessment, and educational placement.

Favorite Books: 

"Start With Why", Simon Sinek; "The Art of Loving", Erich Fromm; "Is This Anything", Jerry Seinfeld; "A Dream About Lightning Bugs", Ben Folds


Skijor, triathlon, basketball, sailing, Mountain Biking, and dog sports

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