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Beth Whitfield, MA, PhD

Education Coach

Although college leads to professional opportunities, I recognize just how instrumental education is for adolescents and young adults, as it helps shape their view of the world and themselves. This understanding steered me towards a career in education, where I believed I could make the greatest impact. I have experience teaching in higher education, secondary education, and international school settings–giving me a diverse, global perspective on education and student support needs.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education, a Master’s degree in teaching English as a second language, and I am currently working towards a PhD in education. I hold teaching licenses in English Language Arts and English as a Second Language in Idaho, Washington, Scotland, and the United Arab Emirates.

When I came across Northwest College Support, I recognized that I aligned closely with the purpose, mission, and ethos of the company. I knew this was the place for me, as I believe all students should have equitable access to educational opportunities. It is my hope that I can play a part in your student’s academic success by giving them the skills they need to be autonomous, life-long learners and achievers. 

Favorite Novels and Short Stories: 

My favorite novels are those that teach me more about diversity and/or the human condition. A few of my favorites include: Salt to the Sea, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and “To Build a Fire”. 


My hobbies include trying new restaurants and traveling to new places.

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