Vocational Support

When new students arrive at NWCS who are focused on a vocational path, they begin a

5 step process with our life coaches in our education center.

admissions1 A student is interviewed, and will potentially take vocational tests in order to see what types of career path might be desirable or appropriate.

admissions2 The student develops a resume with an educational or life coach. We focus on strengths, previous experience, and areas of improvement needed for a professional resume.

admissions3 Students begin a guided job search. This includes accessing our community connections to find existing jobs, filling out and turning in applications, interview coaching, and one-on-one time each day with a life coach searching for an appropriate job.

admissions4 After a student is hired, we place strong emphasis on life skills surrounding employment. This may include, appropriate dress code for the job, punctuality, socialization with coworkers, and communication with management.

admissions5 Once a student starts work at a new job, volunteering opportunities or job shadowing position, they continue to process their experiences with a life coach in order to further build skills surrounding employment, and maintain expectations of their employer.

Career Coaching

In addition to educational, therapeutic, and life skills support, NWCS has an emphasis on career development in order to build skills related to employment. We recognize that part of the goal in higher education is a transition into the world of professional work. Transitioning from school to the “real world” is a challenge, and NWCS helps students through this transition.

Areas of Focus and Community Connection:

  • Vocational Training and Resume Development
  • Guided Job Searching, Skill Building, and Interview Practice
  • Professional Job Shadowing
  • Continued Learning and Support After Job Placement
  • Local Community Volunteering Opportunities
  • Paid and Unpaid College Tutoring

In-House Student Internships:

To provide the best learning experience, NWCS provides in-house paid and unpaid part-time internships to our students. These positions include information technology support, web design, academic tutoring, and fitness coaching.


Northwest College Support offers peer lead fitness and activity organization options. Some of these activities range from Swimming, Biking, Running, Weights, Hiking, Camping and local adventure trips. Students organizing these events are lent support from their team, but ultimately get to fill the leadership rolls from organization to execution.


Students at NWCS who excel in particular scholastic areas have an opportunity to schedule peer-lead tutoring with other students. They are guided by our educational team and help both students with a sense of community and support that can’t always be obtained from working with their teams alone.

crepair NWCS has the unique opportunity to operate and have in house internship options in the business and residential IT industry through Coeur Computer. They engage in everything from personal computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, corporate IT support, servers, networks, mobile devices and much more.

coeur-design Coeur Computer’s sister company, Coeur Design works with local and regional businesses to optimize their marketing presence through new optimized websites, logo and print design and search engine optimization.

software2 Northwest College Support has created a think tank of young gifted students that show interest in software design. Students work on individual projects, or collaborate on everything from video game design to mobile app development.