Here at NWCS, our educational coaches are at the heart of our program. Our ed coaches support NWCS’ overarching mission of helping every student succeed in college. Through intentional, individualized coaching, our ed coaches help students learn the necessary life and academic skills needed for students to meet their educational goals. 

So what exactly does an ed coach do? Here are 5 of the most common skills and techniques our ed coaches work on with NWCS students. 

Accountability and Follow-Through: We know every student is motivated, but that doesn’t always lead to follow-through. Ed coaches act as accountability partners with students to ensure they are following-through with assignments, keeping appointments, staying updated with campus/professor communication and staying on track with required readings or studying for a test.

Tutoring: Our ed coaches come from a variety of educational backgrounds which enables them to aid students in a number of different subject fields. Students benefit from one-on-one tutoring with coaches to help them get ahead in their classes. And if our coaches can’t assist in a subject field, no worries! Our ed coaches are experts at finding on-campus and community resources for students so pairing them up with a qualified tutor for any subject is a breeze.

Academic Advising: One of the most common things ed coaches work on with students is planning for the future. Ed coaches help students create degree/career plans that are tailored to their goals. Coaches work closely with students to ensure they are taking the correct classes for a specific degree, as well as monitor how classes will transfer to their preferred 4-year university or technical program. 

Study Skills: Time management, note-taking, test-taking, memorization and reading comprehension are all skills our ed coaches commonly explore with students. We use a variety of techniques to help students learn these important skills in a replicable fashion so they leave our program feeling confident to take on the next step in their educational journey. 

Connecting Students with Campus Resources: Most students benefit from meeting with their adviser each semester, visiting the tutoring center, discussing financial aid options and meeting with their professor during office hours. However many students struggle to actually take advantage of these resources. Sometimes anxiety gets in the way, and sometimes students just don’t know what is available to them or how to access it. Ed coaches bridge this gap, by sharing resources with students and helping them to follow-through with taking advantage of them.

At Northwest College Support, we have four ed coaches within our program. This means about one ed coach for every seven students. This manageable caseload ensures students are receiving high-quality, personalized attention and support from their educational coach.

Curious about how the support of an educational coach could benefit you or your child? Give us a call at (877) 485-2776.