When a new student arrives at Northwest College Support, they are introduced to their team. Most students have a team that consists of themselves, their therapist, a life coach, and an education coach. Each week, the entire team comes together and meets for a half hour. During these meetings, team members can update the rest of the team on specific things they’ve been working on with the student, and discuss any problems they’ve run into in the last week. The team members and the student can discuss plans for the upcoming week(s), and make long or short-term goals together. Most importantly, all of the team members can put their heads together with the student to come up with creative, sustainable interventions for that individual student. This gives our team members a dedicated time each week to really focus on one student and think through individual needs, challenges, and successes for that student, as well as provides a time for making sure all the team members are on the same page. Additionally, the student is given a regular opportunity to host guests in their home, and team members are able to assess the student’s ability to keep their living environment organized. Communication and teamwork go a long ways towards our students’ success!