In these unprecedented times, Northwest College Support is working to make sure our students still feel the same level of support and engagement within our program even from a distance. This has called on our staff to come up with innovative solutions for the many students who are unable to attend in-person classes, meetings and their regular day-to-day activities. Through creativity and a commitment to providing the same excellent level of service we always strive for, we’ve come up with a number of ways to engage students at a distance. 

Check out some of the things being offered now at Northwest College Support –

-Social Distancing Bingo: NWCS students have the opportunity to win a gift card by participating in this awesome game one of our education coaches created! This is a great activity to keep students active and productive while staying healthy and having some fun!

-Ted Talk of the day

-Youtube video of the day

-Online journaling group

-Virtual field trips

-Internet Scavenger Hunts

-Virtual hikes/walks

-Online trivia and board games group

-Online learning/study groups

-Virtual guided meditations