Here are 5 reasons why you should meet with your academic advisor!

  • Create a class schedule: It might seem basic, but academic advisors provide valuable input as to which classes to take and when. They can provide advice on how to balance varying requirements and which classes coincide well with others. 


  • Review graduation requirements: A second set of eyes never hurts; advisors can confirm you are on track and taking the necessary classes in order to graduate on time. 
  • Obtain class overrides and substitutions: Many students are able to override a particular class requirement by providing ACT/SAT scores, AP exam results, or replacing that requirement with a similar class. Advisors are able to interpret whether you qualify for an override or substitution.


  • Discuss transfer requirements: If you plan on transferring to a different college, advisors have various tools to help determine which courses are transferable. This is highly beneficial as you don’t want to take classes that won’t directly apply to your new school’s requirements. 


  • Explore majors and careers: Advisors are well equipped to help explore your interests and discuss your goals. By doing so, they can assist in narrowing down what you would like to major in.