Transition LivingClean and Recycle! Go through your book bag and empty it out of all the garbage, old papers, and random junk. Do the same for your desk, drawers, and all around your dorm. If there is old papers or homework you want to keep, find a place to store them. The best system is to 1) dump out the drawer or backpack, 2) pick up each item and put in a pile for either garbage/ recycle,keep, or store, 3) after you toss all the stuff you don’t need, file away the stuff you want to store.4) organize the items you want to keep back into you desk or backpack

Take inventory and restock. After you have cleaned everything out, look at what school supplies you have, and make a list of things you think you need. You could go out and buy supplies now, or you could wait if you think you have enough for the first couple days ofclasses. After the first couple classes you may have a better sense of what you need. Also, don’t forget to buy your new textbooks!

Print out syllabi and schedule. If your school has some kind of online interface for classes, you might be able to download and print your syllabus even before class starts. By looking over your syllabi you will have a good idea of what to expect from the class. Print out your class schedule. If your even a little bit anxious about new classes, walking around campus and finding the rooms your classes are in now is a nice way to make yourself feel more prepared.
Check your email and email professors. Check your school email to be sure that you didn’t miss any important information from the school. It’s possible that your new professors have already emailed you with information about their class. It’s also perfectly acceptable to email your new professors to introduce yourself, and ask any questions or concerns you might have.