Northwest College Support has worked with several hundred students since it was founded in 2012. Over that time I have gotten to know many young people and their families, and when we begin working together we talk about the stories of what led them to Northwest College Support. As I listened to those stories there were many common themes, one of those themes was the concept that the “gap gets bigger”. What that means is that I found that many of the students we worked with had differences that were small when they were quite young and then those differences between them and their chronological peers got wider as time went forward. In 2019 I sat down and recorded this short audio piece where I described this pattern.

It should be noted that this does not mean these students are all alike, indeed they are all very different. Nothing is more important to me as a psychologist and counselor than recognizing individual difference. At the same time, the investigator inside of me also wants people to learn about the patterns that we are seeing. If you’re a parent and you’re looking for options for your child, I’m curious to learn if this pattern appears true for your child.

Thank you for listening.

Dan Hanks