Morning classes are rough. Dragging yourself out of bed, for a chilly walk through campus only to sit and listen to a boring lecture is awful, especially if you aren’t a “morning person.” The following are some simple tips to help you get up in the morning, make it to class on time, and stay awake through your class.

  • Cut down your night.

    Going to bed an hour earlier will help you be able to get up earlier. Start small, especially if you’re used to staying up late. Start with ten minutes earlier than your usual bed time, work up to fifteen, twenty, half hour, and so on until you get to an hour earlier from your original bedtime. You can also trick and train your brain into thinking it’s time for sleep. Turn down bright lights and loud music as your bedtime approaches. Create a routine for yourself as you get ready for bed. Soon your brain will associate the routine, and turning down lights and music with sleeping.

  • Treat yourself.

    Congratulations! You got out of bed! Reward yourself! Now that you are up early, use some of this new time to do something you enjoy. Try to do something that makes the start of your day feel special. Read some interesting articles, have a muffin, and a cup of coffee. Relish this peaceful quiet time to yourself.

  • Change the way you think about your day.

    Most of the time when we are laying in bed, either falling asleep or about to get up, we are thinking about the things we “have” to do for the upcoming day. Change your inner-dialogue. When you are laying in bed, when you notice yourself think of things you “have” to do, think instead of what you “get” to do. For example, you may have to go to class this morning, but you also get to meet up with your friend for coffee. You can take it a step further by starting to think of the things you “have” to do as the things you “get” to do. It might seem silly to say to yourself, “Yayy! I get to go to History 101 at 8:00am!” Eventually though, it might help you to think more positively, and positive thinking has numerous benefits.

  • Prepare yourself the night before.

    If you know that you take a long time to get ready in the morning (because you require a lot of primping or you’re just a little slower moving) try to shower at night. If you have long hair, shower at night, and braid your hair before bed so you it’s easier to style in the morning. Lay out your clothes for the next day (but be sure to check the weather forecast). Also, you can pack your lunch the night before.

  • Streamline your morning.

    Prepping the night before can make the process of getting out the door in the morning easier, but there are things you can do in the morning too. Breakfast is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to make an elaborate meal. Grab an protein bar (or something easily transportable) and eat it on your way to class. To-go mugs are also handy. If you drive, starting your car a few minutes before you leave will save you time de-icing and de-frosting.

  • Let there be light.

    It’s so hard to get up when it feels like it’s still night. As your getting ready in the morning, turn on your brightest lights, and as the sun rises, open your blinds.