Does fall semester have you in over your head? There may be help available that you aren’t aware of! College students are incredibly busy and often have to juggle ten things at once. It’s important for students to know about all the help available to them, but more importantly, you have to be proactive and take advantage of these resources or you could end up feeling overwhelmed. Check out our list of 9 common college resources –

  1. Student Discounts – There are TONS of discounts available to you as a student! When deciding where to go out to eat or shop, take into account which places will offer you a student discount. ALWAYS ask if a merchant offers a student discount, even if you don’t see a sign or anything. It never hurts to ask, and you’ll be surprised how many places will offer you one that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Coffee stands, movie theaters, gyms, ski resorts, hair salons, and dry cleaners are some of my favorite places to score an awesome discount.
  2. Academic Advisors & Education Coaches – At NWCS, each of our students is teamed up with an education coach, who works one-on-one with you to help you plan your class schedule, choose extracurricular activities, assist with financial aid and scholarship information, provide homework help and so much more! Our education coaches work around YOUR schedule, so your coaching and planning sessions happen when they are convenient for you. On campus, you can also work with your academic advisor to get connected with a tutor or with any other support services.
  3. Career Services – Most students are in college because their ultimate goal is to get a job. But unfortunately, most people wait until AFTER graduation to really start looking. Sadly this puts many grads at a disadvantaged position when they do start job hunting. Though with everything going on while you are in school, it can be hard to focus on your future career too. That’s where career services comes in! The career center will have lists of job openings, whether you are looking for part-time, seasonal or a specific industry or organization.You can work with a career counselor to look at future job prospects according to your major or intended field. You’ll get a better understanding of the salary, 5-10 year outlook and what geographic locations have the most opportunities.If you’re planning to complete an internship while in school, career services will help you with navigating the process so you can be sure you get college credit for the time you spend with a company. Career services also plans and organizes workshops and career fairs and they can help you create a resume or CV.
  1. Entertainment – Colleges are great about organizing fun events and activities for students. Aside from being a lot of fun, you can meet new people and make friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise! Check out flyers and schedules posted on the website and around campus for concerts, sports games, plays and musicals, movies, trivia nights, comedy shows, guest speakers and more! All of these will be available to you for free or at a low-cost and are a great resource if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night.
  2. Financial Aid Advisors – There’s a reason the financial aid office has a year-round location on campus. Just because you’ve been awarded your financial aid or loans for the year doesn’t mean you won’t need their assistance at some point. There may be scholarships or additional grants you are eligible to receive. If you have questions about interest rates and the different kinds of loans available, the financial aid office can help you determine the best fit for you.If you would like some assistance planning a budget, there is someone who can help you no matter your situation.
  3. Clubs & Organizations – Getting connected with people who have your same interests can help you develop a sense of belonging on campus and create life-long memories. There are clubs for every interest, from gaming, to sports, fashion, philosophy and everything in between.
  4. Labs & Peer Groups – Some classes will offer additional support to help you succeed. Get connected with a study group, either online or in-person if you are struggling. On campus you can find quiet study areas and computer labs where you can work interrupted and have faculty available to you at any time.
  5. Fitness Resources – Exercise is so important to maintaining wellness while in school. With fitness centers and free gym memberships available to students, with a little time management you can get your homework done and a workout all in the same school day!
  6. Professors – Your professors chose this profession for a reason, they are passionate about what they do and about seeing you succeed. Struggling in class? Take advantage of their office hours to get some clarification and one-on-one assistance. Professors are also great resources for internship and job opportunities, mentoring and life advice. Remember, they were once in your position too; they understand how hard it is to be a student but they can also offer you some guidance on what it takes to make it out alive.