In our line of work we encounter many students who struggle with executive functioning. One particular weakness often seen within executive functioning is a lack of time management skills and initiating tasks. This can have a negative impact on the student’s life in areas ranging from physical and mental health to academic success. Here are 3 strategies that can help:

  • Set up a relatively rigid schedule

    • set up a schedule in a way that gives you more than enough time to complete tasks

    • find someone (such as an Educational Coach) that can consistently hold you accountable to this schedule until it becomes an engrained routine

    • Include all responsibilities in your schedule, not just school

  • List out all assignments that need completion

    Include a timeline for how and when each assignment will be done

  • Develop a pre-study routine

    make a cup of tea (for example)

    – listen to a particular song or genre of music

Struggling with time management is often related to and can stem from difficulties with initiating tasks. By developing a routine and a schedule, students can be cued to a place of focus. Then, students can come to the realization that there is enough time to complete what needs to be done, and then gain the confidence that they are capable of completing tasks.

Contributed by Miranda Houchens, Educational Coach at Northwest College Support