Here are 15 reasons why even a really smart student needs an Educational Coach in college:

1. High school did not prepare the student academically for college coursework

2. The student needs help finding direction in their area of study and career path

3. The student never needed to study in high school, which has resulted in a lack of study skills

4. The student has anxiety which makes turning in assignments, going to class, participating in class, and communication with instructors difficult

5. The student needs help navigating the sometimes complicated process of getting the right learning accommodations

6. The student sometimes struggles with balancing school and social life

7. Organizational or time management issues exist for the student

8. Social skill deficits prevent the student from getting connected to student life

9. The student needs an accountability partner to help them meet their goals

10. The student needs help to find internal motivators for school

11. The student needs help in initiation of tasks

12. The high intelligence of the student prevents them from asking for help when they really need it and also accepting help

13. Students sometimes need an expert to help figure out the often confusing process of registration, financial aid, and declaring a major, and transferring schools/ credits

14. The student needs a person to help quiz them

15. An educational coach provides moral support for attendance to intimidating meetings with advisors or other administrative staff