Northwest College Support believes in providing exceptional value to students and families.  Below is an outline of our pricing plans, and a detailed outline of specific fees. All plans are tied through consolidated treatment plans as wells as a unified team approach towards support. 

Investing in Value



Transitional Support  ~ $5,900 Monthly

  • Supportive plan designed to support students immediately leaving home, wilderness, therapeutic boarding school, or residential treatment program. This plan is appropriate for college students who have not attended college previously and want to start out college with a strong success. This level of support also works well for students who have unsuccessfully tried college in the past.
  • A fully furnished apartment is included in this plan. Plans are tailored to the unique strengths and needs of the student. The amount of academic, therapeutic, psychiatric, nutritional, or life skills support are adjusted based on the client.

This type of plan is appropriate for an individual needing more educational support, therapeutic support, and significant support in the area of life skills.

  • Twice Weekly Individual Therapy
  • Weekly Family Therapy
  • 3-5 weekly sessions with Life Coach
  • 3-5 times weekly Educational Coaching
  • Weekly team meeting
  • Team call with parent
  • Parent Education
  • Weekly Fitness Outings
  • Weekly Social Outings
  • Weekly Therapeutic Groups
  • 24-hour available support staff
  • Day checks-ins as appropriate
  • Nightly check-ins as appropriate
  • Weekly life skills grocery planning and shopping
  • Goal Setting with Allowance
  • Fully Furnished Apartment w/Utilities
  • Medication Management as Needed

Aftercare Support ~ $4,900 Monthly

($3,900 Monthly without program provided housing)

  • This is a plan designed to support students who are demonstrating independent living skills while attending Northwest College Support. The Aftercare option will be available some to existing NWCS Students who are consistent and moving forward in their independence. This plan is a good plan for college students after they experienced some successes in college or job for at least one semester.
  • A fully furnished apartment is included in this price. Plans are flexible and include therapy, life skills, psychiatry, and educational coaching.

This plan is appropriate for a student needing less therapeutic and life skills support, but still in need of significant educational support. In this example the student lives in their own apartment, completely funded by themselves or their family.

  • Once Weekly Individual Therapy
  • 1 to 2 weekly Educational Coaching sessions
  • 1 to 2 weekly Life Coaching session
  • Weekly team meeting
  • Team call with parent
  • Parent Education
  • Weekly fitness outing
  • 24-hour available support staff
  • Day checks-ins as appropriate
  • Nightly check-ins as appropriate
  • Medication Management as Needed

ReSet Transition Preparation ~ $5,900 Monthly

Northwest College Support is excited to announce we have changed the cost of ReSet, Our Transitional Preparation sister program, to match the cost of our normal program rate! ReSet is a highly-structured option open to students enrolled at NWCS. This option is a great fit for young adults who need a step between residential treatment and young adult transitional support. ReSet is also a fit for young adults who have been struggling in transitional support and benefit from a period of more structured living. ReSet includes:

  • Fully furnished 4 bedroom house in Coeur d Alene, Idaho
  • 24/7 Support Staff onsite including nights and weekends
  • Morning and evening group meetings to meet therapeutic and life skills needs
  • Daily participation in Northwest College Support programming
  • Daily meal plan and group dinners
  • Technology supervision and regulation
  • Year-round, rolling admission
  • Flexible length of stay

To learn more about ReSet and Northwest College Support please contact Traci at 1.877.485.2776 or by email



Explanation of Elements:

Program Inclusion

Program Inclusion is made up of weekly group therapy, weekly team call and parent education, weekly outings, and 24-hour available on-call support. Program inclusion allows our team to provide wrap-around services in a coordinated way. It also provides for 24-hour on-call support, and check-ins with students as necessary. Included is a team phone call on a weekly basis with parents. Any necessary team members are available on the weekly call to ensure parents are well informed on the ongoing progress. Also included is a weekly therapeutic team group meeting led by a licensed counselor or social worker.

Apartment Living

Apartment Living includes a furnished apartment, utilities, support to ensure apartment remains clean, ADL support, and 24-hour staff coverage. Students enrolled in the program are provided with an apartment owned or leased by Northwest College Support. Apartments usually (but not always) have roommates (up to 3 total roommates per apartment), and staff have 24-hour access to the student apartments. Apartments are designed to give students a high level of independence with a high level of accountability at the same time.


Our psychotherapists are licensed counselors and social workers with experience in a wide range of psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues. The amount of psychotherapy necessary weekly is determined based on an initial team evaluation, with significant input from students and families. All students are required to work with a psychotherapist at least once per week. Family therapy is also available on a case-by-case basis.

Educational Coaching

Our Educational Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds. All educational coaches have backgrounds in Educational Coaching, and a noted capability in helping students succeed. Educational Coaching is different from tutoring in that an educational coach is not teaching a specific subject, but teaching a framework for learning and organizing. Through learning how to better study and organize, a student is more likely to succeed academically. The amount of educational coaching is variable based on a student’s needs and goals. Most typically, a plan would start with a higher amount of coaching at the beginning of the semester, and then decrease as the semester progressed. For example, a student might begin by meeting with an Educational Coach twice per week at the beginning of the semester or during mid terms, then the quantity may decrease to once per week or every other week by the end of the semester. The goal of educational coaching is for students to learn to internalize the skills they are being taught and become good self managers by the end of the semester. An Educational Coach is not a tutor specializing in a particular subject. An Educational Coach isn’t supervising a “homework” or “study hall” hour. At Northwest College Support we think of our Educational Coaches as trained strategists in education.

The Educational Coaches at Northwest College Support strive to provide our clients with as many tools and resources as possible in order to achieve academic success. For example, an academic coach may work with a client on time-management skills, strategies for effective communication with professors and peers, effective and healthy study habits, and goal-setting. At Northwest College Support our staff understands that each of our clients have unique obstacles in their lives which have prevented them from achieving their desired level of academic success in the past. The goal of educational coaching is to address what these obstacles have been in the past, then create and execute a plan to overcome them. The ultimate goal for our educational coaches is not for our clients to merely scrape by semester to semester, but rather truly adapt and embrace the mind-set of a successful and healthy student who is motivated towards life goals. Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.