Students admitted to Northwest College Support enjoy many adult freedoms, privileges, and responsibilities. At NWCS, it is the goal for students to live as independently as possible so that the students have the best chance at success after they move on from NWCS. Most students live in NWCS housing with a staff member checking in their apartment once or twice a day. However, Northwest College Support also recognizes that there may be times when students may need more support and supervision, which is why NWCS offers the ReSet House option for housing.

The ReSet House option supports the goal of students establishing, and in some cases “resetting,” skills of independent healthy living. In the ReSet House, it is the goal of students to demonstrate and maintain autonomous safety and sobriety in both their living environment and the community. Students living in the ReSet House have highly structured daily schedules that they are required to maintain. The goals of students living in the ReSet House include maintaining a clean living environment (with help from staff), passing their classes with the support of their education team, having healthy relationships with themselves and their peers, and consistently utilizing independent living skills.

The ReSet House includes:

  • overnight, awake staff 7 days a week
  • an expectation of sobriety
  • nightly curfews
  • high level of medication supervision
  • daily transportation to school, work, or other appointments
  • scheduled meals
  • limits on personal electronics use
  • quiet hours
  • morning house meeting
  • social outings and activities planned and ran by staff