Have you heard of RateMyProfessor.com? This website is a very handle tool for college students, especially if you are moving to a new area and attending a school where you don’t know any of the teachers yet. RateMyProfessor.com is a website where college students can write a review of any professor they’ve taken a class with. The students might write about how well the professor knows their subject and material, their personality, or how difficult their courses are. Every review also has a score of 1-5 for overall Quality, and a 1-5 rating for how difficult their classes are. Each reviewer can also select from a collection of tags for the professor, such as “caring,” “gives good feedback,” “lots of reading,” and “amazing lectures,” as well as stating whether attendance is required. This can be extremely useful when you have a number of professors teaching the same class, and want to find a professor who you’ll be able to mesh well with. Some of NIC’s highest rated professors on RateMyProfessor.com are:

  • Josh Misner, professor of communication and fine arts, has a 5.0 rating, and a 100% “would take again” rating (out of 66 reviews!) is described as being hilarious, and giving good feedback.
  • Brenda Johns, another communication and fine arts professor, also with a 5.0 rating, and a 100% “would take again” rating, is described as caring and well respected.
  • Ted Tedmon, professor of business and professional programs, scored a 4.9 overall rating, as well as a 100% “would take again” rating, is described as hilarious and inspirational. 

It is important to remember that this website and the reviews are submitted by users, so they are subject to errors and inaccuracies, although the website does allow others to submit corrections. Keep in mind, not every professor will be a good match for every student, so focusing on individual traits and qualities may be more beneficial than looking at the overall rating, when deciding whether or not to take a class with a particular professor.