Everyone here at Northwest College Support uses, and encourages our students to use, Google Calendar. Not only is it already built into and associated with your existing G-mail or Google account, but it is available for both your phone and computer. After downloading the app, your calendar can be synced to your phone for easy access on the go. Not only can you create re-occurring and single occurring events, but you can set as many reminders as desired for your events, at intervals you choose. You can also list the exact location of a meeting or other commitment, and Google will provide you with the directions to get there. 

One of the features we most appreciate is the Manage and Share options that this calendar has. You can create as many calendars as you like (work, school, personal, etc) and share or not share whichever ones you choose. Google Calendar allows team members to easily collaborate with one another from a distance. Simply select the calendar you’d like to view, and it can be synced to your device and displayed in seconds. There are advanced privacy settings, and it’s fully integrated with your G-mail account, making it easy and convenient to use.