Haven’t found a summer job yet? Don’t worry! Follow these steps to secure your perfect summer position:

Give your resume a touch up:

  • Update any phone numbers, addresses or emails which employers will use to contact you
  • Chances are now that another school year is over, you’ve probably got some new skills and experiences that can be a valuable addition to your resume. Review the classes you took this year and see if they would apply to any positions you will be applying to. Did you take graphic design? List any projects you completed or design skills you gained. Communications? Discuss any group or solo presentations you did that increased your public speaking and social skills.

The ability to articulate and diversify the experiences you’ve had to a variety of settings shows critical and abstract thinking skills – two things that any employer will look for in a candidate.

Start online:

  • Maximize your use of free sites like Craigslist and JobsIndeed to look through the openings in your area.
  • Look for ads which list the company where you can verify it’s a legitimate place of business. Unfortunately there can also be lots of fraudulent advertisements as well.

    Remember to never give away any personal information except on a secure online job application.

Show up and be professional:

  • You can job hunt when you go the grocery store, head to the gym or have lunch with friends. Keep your eyes open for help wanted signs wherever you go, as lots of places don’t post online and are looking specifically to meet people in person.
  • If there is a particular place you’d like to work, but you aren’t sure if they’re hiring, go inside and ask anyway. Taking the time to go in and introduce yourself shows a level of initiative and self-motivation that many employers value highly.
  • When applying in person for jobs, try to dress in a business-casual manner. A nice solid colored shirt and jeans is a great look for making that first impression. You may think that at this stage it isn’t important how you dress, but you’d be surprised at how the way you look translates into your work ethic even from those beginning stages of the application process.

Think seasonally:

  • One of the best ways to find an awesome summer job is to look into companies that hire specifically during the summer season. These can include resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, water sport rental companies, theme parks, cinemas, malls and summer camps.
  • These places are usually looking to hire multiple people to their team at the start of the summer season, so increase your chances by applying early.

Don’t be afraid to volunteer:

  • Still not finding a job after a few weeks? Look into volunteer opportunities in your area.
  • Generally volunteer opportunities will allow you more freedom in the types of jobs you can do, and while you may not be getting paid, you’ll gain valuable experience that you may not be able to find working a typical summer job.
  • Childcare centers, wildlife organizations and non-profits of all kinds are usually looking for reliable and talented young people to help out with a variety of tasks.
  • Once you’ve been volunteering for a month or so, you’ll be able to add that experience and a positive reference to your resume which will boost your chances of securing the job you want even more.

Contributed by Michelle DeRoetth