The involvement of families and parents can look very different at a young adult transition programs than adolescent, or more intensive programs. At Northwest College Support parents receive a weekly one-on-one phone call with their child’s therapist. Most of the time, this phone call is a sort of “check in” and provides a great opportunity for parent coaching. Occasionally, the therapist will also take the opportunity of the weekly phone call to bring the student on the call as well for communication more close to a family therapy session. If parents have specific questions regarding education or life skills, the Educational Coach or Life Skill coach can also join the weekly call with the therapist.

The guiding principle behind parent communication with the team members at Northwest College Support is teaching Adult-to-Adult communication. The goal of the therapist is to teach new patterns and strategies of communication with their now adult child in order to be in healthy relationship with each other.

If you have questions about the parent involvement at Northwest College Support, please contact Traci Stluka, Admissions Director at 877-485-2776 or