Is it possible to be enrolled in Northwest College Support if you haven’t yet finished high school?! The answer is YES! While Northwest College Support aims primarily to support students at the college level, there are also several options available to students at NWCS who have not finished high school.

  • GED support

    For some students, working towards a GED is a better option than pursuing a high school diploma. A student working on passing the GED can get support from NWCS education and life skills coaches when it comes to scheduling and coordinating transportation to sections of the GED tests, setting up appropriate disability accommodations, helping match students with tutors, and creating study plan schedules.

  • Online programs

    There are many different online high school programs that allow non-traditional students more freedom in the structure of their day. A student’s team at NWCS can help the student to understand the exact requirements and due dates expected of the student through their specific program. Coaches can help the student with long-distance communication with their instructors, as well as hold students accountable to a timeline for completion of their program.

  • Alternative high school

    Several students at NWCS have enrolled in a local charter high school that has self-paced curriculum designed for students who are junior- senior credit levels in high school. Students enrolled in this option receive help from coaches at NWCS by having assistance enrolling in the school, learning about what specific graduations requirements apply to the student, and holding the student accountable through the self-paced structure.

  • Dual enrollment

    Within all of the above options for students at NWCS who have not yet finished high school, there are opportunities for dual enrollment at the local junior college, sometimes referred to or known as “running start.” Students can take classes at the local college in order to be in classes with their peers, and get a more “traditional” college experience while still being able to complete high school at the same time.

If you are a parent, student, or educational consultant looking for young adult programs that can support students finishing high school, please contact our Admissions Director, Traci Stluka at