College is a time for self discovery, building a routine, developing healthy habits, and so much more! One thing that benefits college students all over the globe is learning to manage your time, having a sustainable diet, and practicing a budget. It is such an empowering feeling when you are not only working hard to earn a degree, but also taking care of your body/mind, AND saving money while you do it! Listed below are five super easy recipes to help you prep for the week, stay within your budget, and allow you to feel healthy, strong, and happy!


– $2.71 Per Serving (4 Servings) – 1 Hour

–¬† $2.81 Per Serving (4 Servings) – 35 Minutes

Р$2.34 Per Serving (4 Servings) Р55 Minutes 

– $2.69 Per Serving (4 Servings) – 40 Minutes

– $2.38 Per Serving (4 Servings) – 40 Minutes