Services We Provide

Northwest College Support breaks services down into six major categories. Inside of each, we address a multitude of considerations, based on the individual needs and challenges of our students. In each of these categories, we strive to provide direct, honest, and non-judgmental support.

Academic Support

Our Academic Support team combines more than 20 years of experience in a variety of educational settings. We found that an inability to learn is almost never the reason for a student’s failure in college. Often college students have an ability to learn the subject matter, but struggle with organizational tasks associated with college-level learning. Examples of organizational tasks are: planning enough time for homework, prioritizing upcoming assignments, completing assigned papers on time, balancing the expectations of different professors, and remembering due dates. College puts pressure on students in these areas, and it takes practice to adjust to these new expectations. The good news is that the ability to organize and structure learning can be taught and internalized.

Independent Living

Leaving the nest and going to college is as intimidating as it is exciting. Becoming independent is full of new challenges, people, activities, passions, and responsibilities. Our goal is to support your journey of building new relationships and skills on your way to success. Where you live and how you structure your life is significant in your success at school.

Parent Education

Northwest College Support encourages involvement of the entire family. We want involvement to be as beneficial as possible to the student. We provide parent education on a weekly basis initially, to ensure that the family is a part of the support team.

Therapeutic Support

Northwest College Support includes a team of licensed counselors and social workers who share a passion for providing the highest level of individual, group, and family therapy. Our team believes individuals can grow and change over time. The team’s focus is on supporting each student through the process of growing to their full potential.

Health Education

Northwest College Support strongly believes there is a connection between healthy bodies and healthy minds. Students who remain physically active are more able to manage the stress that typically arises throughout college. We are dedicated to the physical fitness of our students.

Vocational Support

In addition to educational, therapeutic, and life skills support, NWCS has an emphasis on career development in order to build skills related to employment. We recognize that part of the goal in higher education is a transition into the world of professional work. Transitioning from school to the “real world” is a challenging, and NWCS helps students through this transition.


You Pick What’s Right for You


We understand the individual differences among our students, and the different areas of focus as well as areas they seek to improve in their life. After admission, we honestly assess and have conversations about what direction each student needs to head in their life, and improve on. From there, a plan is clearly stated with what you choose from our services. This is in stark contrast to being fit into a standardized mold which isn’t meant for everyone. Flexibility, and individual attention to detail, allows us to help you get the future you desire.