What is Transition Preparation?

The concept of transition exists on a continuum. A continuum starting at high structure, support and supervision and independence on the other. The team at Northwest College Support has traditionally worked with students on the end of the continuum closer to independent living. Over the years the need has arisen to also support students needing support on the more structured side of the transitional continuum. The goal of Transition Preparation is to give enough structure, support, and supervision to allow students effective movement on the beginning part of the transitional continuum towards independence.

ReSet is a more highly-structured option open to students enrolled at NWCS. This option is a great fit for young adults who need a step between residential treatment and young adult transitional support. ReSet is also a fit for young adults who have been struggling in transitional support and benefit from a period of more structured living.

24/7 Support Staff on-site including nights and weekends

A defining feature of the ReSet program is the 24/7 staffing. A Supportive Life Skills coach is always on shift through the night, seven days a week. Students enrolled in ReSet can either be on a treatment plan which requires staff to be in the same location with them 24 hours a day, or a plan where there is staff check-ins with the student through the day. Staff provide scheduled transportation to appointments and classes at the college campus.

Daily participation in Northwest College Support programming

Students enrolled in ReSet also have the resources of Northwest College Support. This includes weekly group therapy, weekly team call and parent education, weekly recreational outings, and daily access to Northwest College Support’s student lounge and computer lab. Program inclusion allows our team to provide wrap-around services in a coordinated way. Also included is a weekly therapeutic team group meeting led by a licensed counselor or social worker.

Daily meal plan and group dinners

Students enrolled in ReSet receive pre-set meal plans, and have nightly group dinners available to them as well. Group dinners provide an opportunity for students to learn both cooking and social skills. Pre-set meal plans include breakfast options, snack options, and food available for packing a lunch bag. Dietary differences and restrictions are taken into account by staff.

Fully Furnished Staff Supported Housing in Coeur d Alene, Idaho

Northwest College Support’s ReSet program features a large, 4 bedroom house right on the edge of the downtown area of Coeur d’Alene. The house has an open floor plan with large bedrooms and common living spaces. The ReSet house is within walking distance to parks and coffee shops and also features a large garden area for students interested in urban agricultural pursuits.

Morning and evening group meetings to meet therapeutic and life skills needs

Sharing a living environment with others can present difficulties for many college-aged students. Morning and evening “house meetings” are an integral part of ReSet and are positive opportunities to work on social and adult life skills and issues surrounding roommate-living.

Technology supervision and regulation

Many students enrolled in ReSet have problems with the management of personal technology such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. All students give staff their technology in the evenings before bed. This encourages healthy sleeping patterns and good time management.

Year-round, rolling admission

ReSet can accept students throughout the year. Usually potential students take into account semester start dates at local schools as a way to inform when would be most appropriate to admit to ReSet. More Admissions…..

Flexible length of stay

A unique feature of ReSet is the individualized time that a student may be in the ReSet program. For example, students already enrolled in Northwest College Support may elect to admit to ReSet for a weekend in order to help ensure that they complete a major project for school. A student enrolled in Northwest College Support might also elect to admit to ReSet for a week to help get a sleep cycle back on track. New students may admit to ReSet for an agreed upon amount of time prior to their admission as a way to assure a strong starting point into young adult transition. For new students, a stay in ReSet varies in time, but is often around 2-4 weeks.