Q: What is Northwest College Support?

A: Northwest College Support is an educational-therapeutic transition program to help young adults find success in college and independent living. We offer a wide variety of services which include life skills training, individual and family therapy, education coaching, medication management, and nutrition and exercise support. In addition we also have a school psychologist, a certified teacher, and a psychiatrist on staff to help address our student’s individual needs.


Q: How does the admissions process work?

A: Initially, there is a scheduled consultation on the phone with our Clinical Director to talk about the student and what type of support they are looking for. Then we schedule a tour for the student and their parents to see our office and student housing as well as meet the potential team members they would work with. After the tour, if the student and family decide that our services would be a good fit for the individual, we continue on the application and admission process.


Q: What are some of the skills and tools that students learn?

A: As our name suggest, our emphasis is with helping individuals in a college setting. One of the main skills that our students learn is how to effectively manage, organize, and plan their schedules in a way that works for them. We teach skills such as time management, homework planning and organizing, test taking skills, and how self-care can impact academic performance. It is our goal that when students stop receiving our services, they can take the tools we have helped equip them with to find success in independent living. We also teach our students skills and tools for success in other aspects of their lives. These skills include: laundry, how to create a meal plan and grocery list, how to budget and manage finances, how to schedule appointments and fill prescriptions, how to keep their house tidy, how nutrition and exercise play an important role in all aspects of our lives, how to find a job and write a resume, how to find and build social relationships in the community, and anything else that a student wants to learn so that they can really transform into the person they want to be.


Q: When is NWCS most helpful?

A: NWCS is most helpful when a young adult is transitioning from a structured environment such as the family home, residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or wilderness program. NWCS helps young adults bridge the gap between structure and independence, as we know what an exciting and sometimes scary transition it can be.


Q: What makes NWCS unique?

A: One aspect unique to NWCS is the level of diversity of our staff. Our team is truly multi-disciplinary, combining a wide range of backgrounds and experience. This diversity allows our team to adapt to the wide range of needs of a. The second unique quality is that 90% of our work is conducted one-on-one with each student. We believe each individual is unique and the type of attention and care a student needs can be better enhanced when individualized. Another unique aspect is that compared to other transitional living programs is the high emphasis on education and success in college. This is key to our program as we believe our students are capable of earning degrees, but need to be taught the tools and steps to reach their goals. Finally, we are unique in that compared to other college support programs we offer a more clinical background and perspective as evidenced by our staff’s expertise in mental health.


Q: Do NWCS students have to attend college?

A: No. As our name suggests, we do place a large emphasis on educational support and helping students gain success in the college setting. However, we also work with students who opt for vocational routes. In addition to the local colleges that we work with, we have also worked with students who have attended local beauty schools and work force training centers. Additionally we are equipped, and have worked with students who need assistance completing their GED.


Q: May I visit NWCS?

A: Absolutely! We would love to meet you and give you a tour of our office and student housing. We encourage students, and their families, to contact us to set up a tour so that potential students can get a firsthand look at who we are, what we do, and how our services can benefit potential students.


Q: What is the parent’s role with their son/daughter while at NWCS?

A: We work in collaboration with each student helping them work closer to achieving their personal goals while growing in maturity and independence. We believe that parents play a vital role in this process. Our team encourages open communication between our students and their families. We provide parent education as well as family therapy (if appropriate) to guide parents through the transition of their child growing into adult independence. We strive to be an influence that is strengthening of familial relationships.

If you have additional questions not found on our quick Q&A form, please feel free to write us or call our admissions department. We would love to hear from you!

Traci Stluka

Admission Director – 877.485.2776

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