Parent Education


Northwest College Support encourages involvement of the entire family. We want involvement to be as beneficial as possible to the student. We provide parent education on a weekly basis initially, to ensure that the family is a part of the support team.

The team works with students and parents in creating agreements and contracts to support the student. Typical agreements include items such as the criteria for earning a weekly allowance amount, or nutrition and exercise goals tied to a reward system.

The goal of Northwest College Support is for students and their families to sustain the success while working with Northwest College Support. Long after graduation from college, students and families will still communicate and work together. We provide a framework that helps family relationships be successful, in the long run, for all parties involved.



Keeping Connected, Learning & Growing

Our team provides a weekly or bi-weekly phone or video conference meeting between you, your loved one, and our team to help address family communication, and keep you connected. The calls will be primarily conducted by the student’s therapist and case manager, bringing in others on the student’s team as necessary.


This communication and education conference helps with:

  • Letting go of the idea of control, and learning instead how to positively influence
  • Establishing an open family system of communication where all parties feel heard and respected
  • Learning how to support one another through accountability
  • Intervention techniques to prevent relapse into old patterns
  • The parent’s new roll in supporting their child over a distance
  • Support in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries