Northwest College Support is a dedicated, compassionate group of professionals motivated to see individuals meet their goals and overcome their challenges. Many members of our team came from a background of residential treatment, and came together over a shared goal of seeing college-aged individuals succeed in transitioning into adulthood. We found that working with students in only one area of their life did not create the same amount of success as when we addressed multiple areas of a student’s life. Coming out of more rigid school systems and therapeutic background, our team dedicated ourselves to working together as a collective in order to provide empathetic support that is outside the box, and adaptable. As a group, we believe in succeeding at multiple bottom lines. Our team’s goal is to provide an incredible value to families, along with compassionate support to our students. We provide professional expertise to each and every one of our clients. We see our clients as unique individuals, and success comes from creatively enriching the whole person. We honor client’s diversity and development by providing the most dynamic, innovative, and adaptive services possible.

Over 120 Years of Experience

Our staff has over 120 years of combined therapeutic and educational experience helping young people with educational successes, social, life skills, as well as many other triumphs moving towards independence. Our team is dedicated personally and professionally to individuals generalizing small goals into the big picture- real meaningful change.

Much more important than our story, we are eager to learn your story. We want to learn about the unique set of life experiences that have made you who you are, what drives you, and to know what direction you are heading in. Our role is simply to be one of those experiences that help you achieve your goals.

When a new student arrives at Northwest College Support, they will be embarking on a unique experience. An experience that hasn’t been lived by any former or future students. You will be working with us to create your own life, advocate for your desires and needs, build connections to other students and people in the community and most importantly, prepare for life without a support system. Ultimately, our major goal for you, will be to phase support like us out of the picture, and move towards a fulfilling life you choose.


From the first interview, and throughout your stay with us, we like to know each student individually, to better serve in achieving success.