At Northwest College Support, we believe the young adults we work with are ready to make this transition and face new challenges. With supportive coaches and therapists, students enrolled in Northwest College Support build a repertoire of skills which help them achieve their individual goals. Students are free to make choices, mistakes, and positive steps forward into their own adult life. Below is an explanation of our core beliefs, which are the values that guide Northwest College Support.



Every Interaction is a

Teachable Moment

Every student is a learner. Learning is not limited to the classroom but occurs in every environment, every day, throughout our lifespan.


Creative and Sustainable


Every student is an individual. Our work is based on building and maintaining long term, replicable strategies.


Adult to Adult


Every student is an adult. We empower each student to find their adult voice. We enable students to make their own decisions.


Our Work Starts and Ends

with Relationships

Every student is a person. They have a unique story, voice, and contribution to the world. We value who they are and the opportunity to be a part of their life and story.


The Difference Between Thinking and

Doing is Follow Through

Every Student is motivated. Motivation doesn’t always lead to follow through. We help students follow through to become connected to their intrinsic  motivations.


Least Restrictive


Every Student self monitors. We believe people perform best when given trust and responsibility.