At Northwest College support, we provide fully furnished housing.  We offer 2 bedroom dorm style living on and just off campus locations. The pairings of roommates in each apartment is carefully chosen, and extra coaching is given to learn the navigation of roommate relationships.

Live On or Off Campus

A journey of a thousand miles… usually starts with a lot of planning. After admission to Northwest College Support, we will take time to thoroughly evaluate your educational history, and set an individualized system for support and success. Even if you’ve set down this path before, we are dedicated to giving you all the tools to see a different result.

multi-housingRoommate Living

The majority of NWCS students will have 1 roommate. Each student has their own room to make their own space, but get to experience and learn the in’s and out’s of living with other people of a similar age.


Staff Supported Living

Staff supported living options are available to students in our ReSet transition preparation house. This house has 24 hour staff support in a family style living environment for students who temporarily need more structure before transitioning to more autonomous living.