Health Education

Fitness Education

Northwest College Support strongly believes there is a connection between healthy bodies and healthy minds. Students who remain physically active are more able to manage the stress that typically arises throughout college. We are dedicated to the physical fitness of our students. Our students participate in: hiking, biking, basketball, weight lifting, softball, yoga, zumba, horseback riding, triathlons, other race events, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. If you are a competitive athlete, or beginning a journey to physical health the staff at is here to support you. Northwest College Support also plans weekly outings for our students to participate in within the greater Coeur d Alene community. We can also provide fitness coaching as needed.

Nutrition Education

At NWCS we believe what you put in your body has a profound effect on our psychological health and ability to function successfully. Food has potential to be a good medicine, it can bring improvements to our happiness, concentration, self-perception, energy, and general well being. We are dedicated to educating our students on the importance of healthy eating, and giving them the best information necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Life Skills

Life skill development means a lot of things. Beginning at the initial interview, we have an honest discussion with you about the areas of life skills that are your strong points, also the areas which need to be improved. Our life skills for health education range from hygiene, sleep hygiene, nutrition, cooking, clean environments, different type of exercise and fitness plans to fit your interests, sustainable health practices, social and many more.

Group Activities

Weekly, we provide many activities, both social and health education based. These activities provide students with a chance to build social bonds, have interactions with their peers, and the opportunity to stay active and engaged. Group actives include:

  • Relationship Development
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Group Therapy / Processing
  • Physical Activities (hikes, boating, etc)
  • Cooking group meals
  • Life Skill Development
  • Volunteering
  • Vocational Preparation
  • Game nights

Some of our areas of focus:

  • Roommate Etiquette
  • Personal hygiene
  • Organization of belongings
  • Keeping a clean living space
  • Budgeting
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Time Management
  • Schedule Keeping
  • Interview Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Resume and cover letter writing