Education Consultants

What are Educational Consultants?

An Educational Consultant is a professional who is often hired by a student’s family to help the process of the placement and admission into the appropriate, and best-fitting program. An Educational Consultant is hired to carefully guide the placement process, as well as advise the family with ideas to support the unique needs of the student. Additionally, Educational Consultants can play an objective role for the family, and also serve as a support system for a family throughout the student’s treatment journey. Most Educational Consultants spend a lot of their professional time visiting programs in order to be able to deeply comprehend the variations in fine detail between different programs and their different therapeutic models. Because of this, an Educational Consultant can find a good program match for each student and family, and provide the best options to meet the student’s individual needs.

How Does Northwest College Support Work with Educational Consultants?

Northwest College Support collaborates frequently with Education Consultants. At the start of our admissions process, we can work together with an educational consultant to figure out the needs of the student and the family. During the student’s time at NWCS, the student’s therapist stays in communication with the Educational Consultant, and the therapist collaborates with the consultant to adjust treatment goals. The combination of the consultant’s program knowledge and the therapist’s professional assessment creates a solid plan for success in the student’s future.

How do Families Find Educational Consultants?

Northwest College Support can help families connect with an Educational Consultant to fit their needs. Feel free to contact us if you are considering hiring an Educational Consultant. We can provide you with a list of consultant options based on what you are looking for, and the unique needs of your family and child.

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