NWCS is Raising and Lowering our price in June 2019!


Northwest College Support has always worked hard to keep our prices at a point which represents a great value for our families. We have been dedicated to keeping our prices as low as possible while at the same time giving an industry-leading level of support to our students. Over the past four years, Northwest College Support has kept our price unchanged. Obviously, it is impossible to keep prices the same forever, as our team grows and advances, our team members’ salaries must be adjusted to ensure our quality remains high and our staff is able to have a competitive, livable wage. We have come to a determination as an organization that we will be increasing prices as of June 1st, 2019. As of June 1st, Northwest College Support will increase our transitional price to $5,500.00 per month. 

One of the amazing features of Northwest College Support is our continuum of care. We not only have transitional level of support, but also our “Reset” level of support. Our Reset program is a 24-hour staffed, and highly supervised component to our program. Traditionally this part of the program has cost $6,200.00 per month. One of the challenges that is faced inside an organization with multiple pricing levels, is the challenge of recommending a different level inside our organization that also costs more to a family. We have felt as a team that it fits with our values to allow a student to move to a higher level of care if necessary without increased cost. So, our Reset program will now cost families $5,500.00 per month for 24-hour care starting June 1st, 2019. 

This increase and decrease in price will allow our organization to continue to retain the highest quality of therapist, life coaches, educational coaches, and support staff. This pricing structure will still allow our families to continue to receive excellent value. We understand that a commitment to a program like ours is very expensive and difficult for families. We are trying to do the best we can to serve our students and families not only in terms of treatment, but also in terms of value. 

We often are asked “how does Northwest College Support keep their prices so low?” The answer is we strive to keep those prices low, and as we have focused on that goal we have been able to succeed. The goal of Northwest College Support isn’t to return value to shareholders, but to return value to our students, families, and employees.  We hope you watch our video to learn more and we appreciate everyone’s support as we strive to remain transparent about our pricing changes. 

Traci Stluka

Admission Director – 877.485.2776