Students with Learning Differences

When an individual with a Learning Differences graduates from high school, the learning difference does not magically go away. We work with individuals with different types of learning differences such as: reading disabilities, mathematics disabilities, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia.  Below is an outline of how we can work with a student with learning differences.

Life Coaching:

A student with a learning difference can also face challenges in organizing and following through in their day-to-day life. A Life Coach is beneficial in helping students follow through on their schedule or other activities. The amount of Life Coaching recommended is based on the goals and needs of the student. The amount of Life Coaching a student receives is based on a collaborative evaluation, with input from students and families. All students initially are assigned to meet with a Life Coach at least once per week.

Individual Psychotherapy:

Individual psychotherapy is beneficial for individuals with learning differences. The process of learning how to better problem solve and address past struggles is important for a student with learning differences. Students with learning differences benefit from learning how to accept help, and be honest with the challenges they face. Therapy helps a student with learning differences be honest about who they are and how they can reach their highest potential.  Our psychotherapists are licensed counselors and social workers with experience in a wide array of psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues. The amount of psychotherapy necessary weekly is determined based on an initial team evaluation, with significant input from students and families. All students are required to work with a psychotherapist at least once per week. Family therapy is also available on a case by case basis.

Educational Coaching:

Students with learning differences most likely have a long history of receiving educational support. Our Educational Coaches ensure students receive adequate accommodations and adaptations as necessary through the college. An Educational Coach  helps students with learning differences access specific additional tutoring in areas of challenge. Our team has a certified teacher on staff as well as a certified School Psychologist, ensuring that the specific learning difference is addressed in a way that is most beneficial to the student. When working with students with learning differences, our team assigns an Educational Coach with experience and additional training in the specific area of challenge. The amount of Educational Coaching is dependent on student needs and goals. Most typically, a plan would start with a higher amount of coaching at the beginning of the school’s term, and then decrease as the term progressed. For example, a student might begin by meeting with an Educational Coach twice per week at the beginning of the semester or during mid terms, then the quantity may decrease to once per week or every other week by the end of the semester. The goal of educational coaching is for students to learn to internalize the skills they are being taught, and become good self managers by the end of the semester.