For most students Spring Break is right around the corner. Chances are you aren’t going on a fabulous vacation. What should you do if you have a week at home? Below you will find 7 tips of things students can do over Spring Break.

  • Take stock of your grades- Keep in mind, finals are just around the corner. Depending on your school, after you get back from spring break, you may just have a few weeks before finals. Now is the time to check your current grades in all your classes. Most teachers post grades online, but if the don’t have grades posted, don’t be afraid to ask them what grades are or where you stand in the class. Knowing this information will help you get an idea of how hard you need to work in your final weeks of the term.

  • Break down big projects- Your professors may have given you a big assignment over break, or they gave you a big project at the beginning of the term, and now the due date is fast approaching. Use your down time over break to break down these big projects into manageable steps. It is even advisable to get started on these assignments, and get the hard parts out of the way. For instance, if you’re assigned a paper which first requires you to conduct an interview of someone in your community, spring break is the perfect time to get the interview portion out of the way.

  • Relax- Spring Break exists for a reason. We all need a week to unwind. Plus, with finals coming up, this is a great chance to recharge your batteries.

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor and your professors- After taking a good look at your grades, you might find that it is too late in the term for you to earn the grade you want. If this is the case, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at your school to figure out what your options are. This appointment is also a good opportunity for the advisor to do a “sight degree audit” to see what classes you should still take. Spring break is also a great time to reflect on the degree and subsequent career you are working towards. Use this week to schedule appointments with your professors so that you can get some career guidance and advice from them.

  • Take a look at your finals week schedule- Spring break is a little too early to map out exactly what your finals week is going to look like, but it is a good time to look through your syllabi and have an idea of how many tests, projects, papers, and presentations you have left until the end of term.

  • Do something “outside yourself”- College can be a bit of a self-centered time for many students because it requires a lot of focus on your own classes, health, relationships, and future. It can be a stressful time. Spring break is an awesome time to relieve some of this stress by taking focus off your own life, and doing good for others. Try volunteering for a day or two in your own community. Also, do some research on “alternative spring breaks,” which send students across the country on week-long volunteering trips.

  • Go on a day trip- Just because you’re not going to an exotic location, doesn’t mean you can’t find fun things to do in your own town. Planning a day trip in your local city can be adventurous. You never know what you might learn/ see!