Hobbies are stimulating for your brain, and may even ward off brain disease later in life! A hobby is anything that you like doing, and that is the only reason for doing it. Hobbies can provide a creative outlet that your average citizen doesn’t always allow for. Hobbies can help you unwind, relax after a long day, or focus and put your creative energy into something. You might even find that your interests can you lead you to meeting new people and making new friends. You may find yourself interacting with people you would have never otherwise met. 

Some adults have a hard time finding a hobby that they enjoy. The best brainstorming starts at your childhood. What did you like to do when you were a kid? Did you like to build with blocks, or play with Legos? Maybe you could take on a bigger building project. Did you love to color or paint as a child? Try step by step painting/drawing, sip-n-paint activities, and video tutorials for beginners! Still can’t think of something? Look for inspiration. Go to craft stores, sports stores, book stores, music stores, museums, antique shops, libraries. What gets your attention? 

Once you find an interest, try to develop your talents or knowledge of it! Research online, check out libraries and local resources, and join groups and discussion boards about your interests. Making human connections with an activity or hobby may give you extra motivation to continue to pursue it. It can be difficult to meet new people, but hobbies bring people together to participate in or discuss, and otherwise enjoy, a particular interest. You never know who you could meet, what you could learn, or what can come of it further on down the road. You may find a new career, a new best friend, or a whole new community of like-minded people you like to spend time with. 

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