College is a time of new-found independence in which you are presented with endless opportunities to make either a healthy or unhealthy choices. Here is a list of 8 healthy choices you can make as a college student:

  • Get Vaccines. If you’re living on campus, your school may require you to get vaccines. It’s a good idea regardless. College is a time of living in close proximity to a large population (most of whom might be making some pretty unsanitary choices). Protect yourself and stop the spread of viruses by getting vaccinated.

  • Wear a helmet. If you crash on your bike (which is a possibility if you are riding on campus during a busy passing period), and get a head injury that causes cognitive impairment, you have pretty much wasted your tuition. You’re spending a lot of money on your brain. Keep it safe!

  • Don’t walk alone at night. Many college campuses are not in the safest of neighborhoods. Don’t think you’re invincible. Take time to plan how you’re getting home with a buddy.

  • Don’t pull “all-nighters.” It’s hard to express the importance of getting enough sleep. If you’re staying up all night for one assignment for one class, you are doing so at the cost of your health and your functioning the whole next day.

  • Use protection. Hopefully this doesn’t need too much explaining. Unless you are trying to become a parent, nothing good is going to come from having unsafe sex.

  • Take a break from drinking. There is no rule in college that you absolutely have to drink. If you went out a little too hard Friday night, allow yourself to recover Saturday night. You can still go out and have fun, just give your body a break from alcohol.

  • Go for the salad bar. It is so easy in college to eat pizza every night. Make a conscious decision to eat salad or something healthy at least one night a week.

  • Exercise, meditate, do yoga, journal, or do SOMETHING healthy as a coping strategy for stress. When you are stressed and overwhelmed, it is easy to forget or think you don’t have time to go to the gym. In reality, if you are stressed or overwhelmed, going to the gym is all that more important.