Here is a quick list of 6 super easy, simple things that every college student should know. While the list is pretty basic, these things are also really important!

  1. Your Mailing Address

    When you are a college student, you typically change your address a lot because you might be home for the summer, and then in a new apartment each school year. That’s a lot of addresses to memorize. While you’re at school, you don’t want all your mail sent to your parents house. When you get to college, write down your address on a post-it note to keep in your wallet, or put it in your phone until you memorize it.

  2. Your Social Security Number

    Sometimes as college student you don’t have your social security number memorized because you haven’t had that many times in your life when you have needed it. Well, now your are an adult, and it’s time to memorize it. Don’t carry it around in your wallet because that presents an easy opportunity for someone to steal your identity. Keep it in a safe place. You will need to know your social security number for any jobs you apply to, and also for some important financial things.

  3. The names of your professors, their office hours and locations, and how to contact them

    You should know the names of your professors so that you know how to address them, and so you don’t sound like a bad student when someone asks who your professor is and you just say, “ummmmm.” It’s good to know their office hours and locations in case you have a question or need to drop an assignment off (also they love it when you stop in). For sure know the best way to contact them. Life happens, and sometimes you won’t make it to class, but you have to let your professors know!

  4. Your student ID number

    You will need your student ID number for scan tron tests, registration for classes, getting accommodations, signing up for clubs, and basically anything you do through the school. Memorize it or write it down in your phone or somewhere in your wallet.

  5. How many hours of sleep you need each night to be a functioning person

    Being a college student means you have infinite reasons and opportunities to stay up all night. You may feel the need to stay up an write a paper or study, go out partying with friends, or have a Star Wars marathon with your roommate. Staying up late is fine to do on occasion, but you will be a much happier, productive, and successful person if you get the right amount of sleep each night.

  6. Your major’s requirements

    Nothing is worse than being a week away from graduating when you find out you need one more elective. Equally as bad is getting to your senior year and taking a class for freshman. Also awful is going through you major and discovering near the end that a class involves something you simply don’t want to do. You can avoid all of these scenarios by being well aware of your major’s requirements. Talk to advisors, professors, and peers to understand what classes entail and what the best path to graduating is for you. Also, make a 4 year plan so you know which classes you need to take and when.

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